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4 September 2018

I have been doing some voluntary indexing for today for a parish in Hampshire - date 1805. It is amazing how much can be gleaned from very basic entries. No ages, parents are given. However some of the grooms regiments and also ship names were provided. Most couples were single but there were a few widow and widowers. Snippets of vital information for the family historian. The hand was relatively clear, such a shame that the name of the parish was not included.

Some Irish Transcription

September 2018

I have been transcribing some Irish civil registration birth records. There are so many land divisions in Ireland, townland, barony, poor law union and both ecclesiastical and civil parishes, that I always keep to hand an Irish Genealogy toolkit.


April 2018

As a family, we have stayed in our present home for over thirty years and so decided that we would like to have the houses’ history and past families researched. Knowing Sharon’s ability and enthusiasm for this we approached her. The result totally amazed us from the initial building to the families before us, it was all revealed. Very much appreciated and from our view well worth the outcome. Thank you Sharon from the whole family. Mrs G


The study of old handwriting

Looking at old documents the handwriting at first glance frequently looks illegible but by careful study they can usually be deciphered. Palaeography is a skill which requires continuous practice and it is for this reason that I voluntary transcribe on the FamilySearch website. FamilySearch has volunteers around the world making genealogical records freely searchable online. It is fun and interesting too.

Christmas is coming !!

September to December 2020

For that exclusive gift why not provide someone with their unique family tree or the history or their house. For the above period only a reduced rate of £18 per hour.

History website

Discovered a great website

For those of you looking interested in WW1 & WW2 and living in London a great website to look at is

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